Shooing and scaring away animals and insects

The idea of scaring away deer is mainly known from agriculture. It originated in the course of mechanised grassland mowing, which increased the number of injured deer. By scaring away the animals before mowing, they can be saved from being killed or harmed by the mower. This is why the technique of scaring away deer is also used with equipment for extensive grass land care, such as flail or rotary mowers. Robust and off-road capable – a scaring device should not hinder the work of mowing equipment in dense vegetation and on steep slopes and still allow a noticeable improvement in insect protection.

Requirements for an effective insect-scaring device

Robust and all-terrain – a scare device should not hinder the work of mowing equipment in dense vegetation and on steep slopes, yet still function effectively. For this reason, the chafing probe uses particularly tough and flexible material that yields and does not break when it comes into contact with obstacles. In the case of larger obstacles, the entire device folds in. Here, the resistance can be adjusted as desired. The foldable insect repellent device also offers the advantage that the transport dimensions of the devices do not change. In order to adapt the insect repellent device to the growth, it can be variably adjusted in height and distance to the device. Simple but effective for insect protection.

Save and protect insects when mowing gras

In cooperation with the Institute of Agricultural Engineering at the University of Hohenheim, various trials were carried out which, among other things, confirmed the benefits of the insect scare device. The trials were carried out with an AS 63 rotary brush-mower as the carrier vehicle. In order to ensure that the results are robust, comparative runs were carried out with and without the insect scare device in several repetitions. The number of insects flushed out was determined by means of a catch basket attached to the device.

The result clearly shows the benefit of the device. During the trials, about three times as many insects were flushed out with the insect scare device (compared to the trials without the scaring device) and thus moved out of the danger zone of the mower. Further trials with dummy insects suggest that the survival rate of insects can be further increased by using single bladed mowers in combination with an increased cutting height. Simple in design but effective in protecting insects.

Diagram: The number of insects intercepted proves the practical benefit of the insect scaring device

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