AS-Motor kosiarki samobieżne

Kosiarki samojezdne AS-Motor - mocniejsze niż jakikolwiek traktor do trawy

Lawn tractors are not designed to mow meadows, and certainly not dense growth. Clogged mower decks, smoking belts and bent blades are often the result.

Thus AS-Motor created the ride-on Allmäher which combines the comfort and the work rate of a lawn tractor with the cutting force and all-terrain mobility of AS-Motor’s well-known Allmäher. Essential design features include a stable blade system, drive gear ratios, a low centre of gravity and drive and cooling systems which ensure endurance and performance.

AS-Motor offers 9 different models depending on the operator’s needs. 2WD models are the right choice for agility and high work rates on level terrain, while the permanent all-wheel drive of the AS 940 Sherpa make it the preferred tool of landscape gardeners, municipalities and service providers on steep slopes and difficult terrain.

Although the ride-on mowers from AS-Motor are designed for meadows, high grass and rough terrain, they deliver excellent cutting results on lawns when equipped with a mulch kit.

Zasady projektowania samojezdnych kosiarek AS-Motor

  • High cutting force thanks to a gear-reduction blade drive
  • Lowest possible centre of gravity reduces danger of tipping over and thus increases safety on slopes
  • Wide wheel base for better slope performance
  • Compact design
  • Weight-optimised frame design
  • Ergonomic sitting position for fatigue-free work over long hours
  • Straightforward and intuitive Operation
  • Lack of superfluous parts and plastic parts
  • Maintenance-friendly accessibility to system components

Innowacja opiera się na doświadczeniu - zdalnie sterowany AS 940 Sherpa RC

AS-Motor’s 2016 introduction of the Sherpa RC, the world’s first remote-controlled ride-on mower, was a milestone in the industry. The Sherpa RC made it possible to safely mow uncomfortable, difficult or steep terrain from a safe distance for the first time.

AS-Motor now offers nine models of ride-on mower with engine power ranging from 10–27 hp, cutting widths from 80–98 cm and different equipment options to best suit your needs.

Zalety kosiarek samojezdnych AS-Motor:

Hydrostatic transmission for variable drive without shifting

  • Brakes with the hydrostatic transmission lever by hand, or like in a car by foot pedal
  • Precision speed adjustment to suit the Terrain
  • Double braking function for safety in critical situations

Limited-slip differential can be switched on at any time

  • Blocks a spinning drive wheel
  • Better traction on difficult terrain

Mow high grass and dense growth to 150 cm high

  • High work rate for professional use
  • Ecologically effective
  • Extended mowing intervals are possible

Ergonomic sitting position

  • Innovative suspension system adjustable between 60 and 120 kg
  • Comfortable sitting position even for tall operators

Steel tubular frame

  • Optimal stability
  • Low centre of gravity

All-wheel drive

  • Safety factor when mowing on slopes greater than 17° (30%) inclination/slope
  • Intelligent 4WD protects the soil
  • Incredible traction uphill and full braking force downhill

Oil cooling

  • Constant oil temperature even in extreme heat
  • No power loss in hot conditions
  • High durability of installed drive components

Tight turning radius with 2WD

  • Agility for mowing between rows of crops
  • Higher work rates

Cross-blade system with mulching blade

  • Repeated shredding of grass delivers better mulching result
  • Accelerated decomposition of the mulch reduces the formation of rotten sections

Surfing mulching mower deck

  • Closed mower deck protects against ejected foreign objects and keeps the mowed material in the cutting space longer, leading to a better mulching result
  • The AS Sherpa’s surfing mower deck gives way upward, protecting the blade

Side discharge mower deck

  • Mowed grass can quickly be ejected to the side and rear, increasing mowing speeds and work rates

Odpowiednia kosiarka samojezdna AS-Motor do Twojego zadania:


AS 799 Rider

Podstawowa kosiarka samojezdna AS-Motor do prywatnego użytku i sadów łąkowych

80 cm
7,8/10,6 kW (hp)
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AS 800 FreeRider

Kosiarka samojezdna z mechanizmem różnicowym ograniczajcym poślizg, zapewnia większą przyczepność

80 cm
9,7/13,0 kW (hp)
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AS 900 Enduro

Solidna i niezawodna kosiarka samojezdna do wysokiej trawy z bocznym wyrzutem

90 cm
11,9/16,2 kW (hp)
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AS 915 Sherpa 2WD

Poznaj gamę maszyn rodziny Sherpa: Ergonomiczna baza maszyny potęguje dużą wydajnaość kosiarki samojezdnej

90 cm
16,4/22,0 kW (hp)
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AS 920 Sherpa 2WD

Szybka i zwrotna kosiarka samojezdna z mechanizmem różnicowym ograniczającym poślizg na umiarkowanych pochyłościach

90 cm
20,1/27,0 kW (hp)
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AS 940 Sherpa 4WD

Wysoka trawa, kosiarka samojezdna z napędem na wszystkie koła

80 cm
7,8/10,6 kW (hp)
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AS 940 Sherpa 4WD XL

Wysoka trawa, kosiarka samojezdna z napędem na wszystkie koła i większym prześwitem

80 cm
7,8/10,6 kW (hp)
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AS 940 Sherpa 4WD RC

Pierwsza na świecie kosiarka samojezdna z pilotem zapewnia jeszcze większe bezpieczeństwo i wygodę w trudnym terenie

80 cm
7,8/10,6 kW (hp)
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AS 1040 YAK 4WD

Mocny, solidny i w domu na trudnym terenie - AS 1040 Yak 4x4

100 cm
17,2/23,0 kW (hp)
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